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Intelligent Constant Temperature Mug Warmer

Intelligent Constant Temperature Mug Warmer

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Indulge in Every Sip with GiftHorizont!

Embrace the warmth from the first to the last drop with our exclusive Mug Heater, a must-have for all beverage enthusiasts. Elevate your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate experience to a new level of coziness with GiftHorizont.

An Ideal Gift for Coffee and Tea Aficionados this Christmas

Have you ever experienced that warm flutter in your stomach, a telltale sign of love? Well, that feeling perfectly encapsulates the essence of our mug warmer. Each sip of your hot coffee, tea, or chocolate lingers, creating an experience that surpasses your expectations. The beauty? You can always extend the joy by sharing it with your nearest and dearest.

Unmatched Warmth Customization

Our Mug Heater caters to your unique preferences, allowing you to set the temperature between 55 to 75 degrees. Ensure that each sip is perfectly tailored to your liking, providing an unparalleled level of warmth and comfort.

Sleek Elegance for Any Setting

Effortlessly blend style and functionality with the chic design of our Mug Heater. Whether on your desk or in your favorite relaxation spot, this compact and trendy gadget adds a touch of elegance to enhance your tea or coffee rituals.

Instant Warmth, Endless Pleasure

Witness the magic of instant heat as our Mug Heater quickly warms your drink to perfection. Revel in the comfort of your favorite beverage, precisely heated to your desired temperature at the touch of a button.

Modern warmth for desk or downtime.

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of convenience and style with our Mug Heater. Ideal for your desk or quiet moments, this sleek device adds a modern flair to any space, making your tea or coffee breaks even more enjoyable.



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How does it work?

After you plug it in to any device or charger, you just select your preferred temperature and it almost immediately reaches it.

Does it charge or do I need batteries?

You just plug it in to any device or charger, no need for batteries.

What heat levels does it have?

There are 3 temperature options: 55℃, 65℃, and 75℃. Once you plug it in, it almost immediately reaches your desired temperature!

Is the heating mug safe for office use?

Yes, the heating mug is designed with safety features such as automatic shut-off and heat-resistant surfaces to ensure safety in office settings.

Can I use any mug on a the heating mug?

In principle, yes, but it's recommended to use mugs with flat bottoms for more efficient heat transfer.

Is the power consumption of the heating mug high?

No, the power consumption of the mug heater is low, comparable to other small household appliances.

Product Information

Power supply mode: USB
Rated power: voltage 5v
Rated power: 10w
Width: 130*117*23mm
Fabric: ABS+metal+electronic components
Length: 130*117*23mm
Gross weight: 116g
Packing volume: 143*27.2*123.8mm
Color: white, pink, green

How to use

Enjoy your hot beverage to the very last sip with this convenient mug warmer! Just plug it in (laptop, PC, or smartphone charger works!), place your mug on the heating surface, and choose your temperature. This handy device gently warms your drink, enhancing your every sip. No more lukewarm tea or cold coffee! Plus, the auto shut-off feature ensures peace of mind (no more forgotten mugs!). It turns off after 8 hours and even senses when your cup is empty, switching on/off automatically. It's your personal hot drink hero!


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