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Rose Bear

Rose Bear

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  • Capture their attention and hearts with a Rose Bear. Perfect for family, friends and partners alike, this sweet teddy bear covered in roses is an unforgettable expression of love and appreciation. Our premium Rose Bear is designed with only the highest quality materials, from fluffy plush to realistic rose petals that won’t wilt or droop over time. Each bear is carefully crafted to please even the most discerning tastes, ensuring it will become a treasured personal keepsake. Choose our Rose Bear for your next gift– it’s perfect for every special occasion, including anniversaries, birthdays, wedding days and more! Give your special someone this precious gift to show how much you care about them; your loved one will be thankful for your thoughtfulness.


Size: 25cm


Package Includes: 
1x Bear with Box

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How does it work?

After you plug it in to any device or charger, you just select your preferred temperature and it almost immediately reaches it.

Does it charge or do I need batteries?

You just plug it in to any device or charger, no need for batteries.

What heat levels does it have?

There are 3 temperature options: 55℃, 65℃, and 75℃. Once you plug it in, it almost immediately reaches your desired temperature!

Is the heating mug safe for office use?

Yes, the heating mug is designed with safety features such as automatic shut-off and heat-resistant surfaces to ensure safety in office settings.

Can I use any mug on a the heating mug?

In principle, yes, but it's recommended to use mugs with flat bottoms for more efficient heat transfer.

Is the power consumption of the heating mug high?

No, the power consumption of the mug heater is low, comparable to other small household appliances.

Product Information

Power supply mode: USB
Rated power: voltage 5v
Rated power: 10w
Width: 130*117*23mm
Fabric: ABS+metal+electronic components
Length: 130*117*23mm
Gross weight: 116g
Packing volume: 143*27.2*123.8mm
Color: white, pink, green

How to use

Enjoy your hot beverage to the very last sip with this convenient mug warmer! Just plug it in (laptop, PC, or smartphone charger works!), place your mug on the heating surface, and choose your temperature. This handy device gently warms your drink, enhancing your every sip. No more lukewarm tea or cold coffee! Plus, the auto shut-off feature ensures peace of mind (no more forgotten mugs!). It turns off after 8 hours and even senses when your cup is empty, switching on/off automatically. It's your personal hot drink hero!


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